Growth & Development Resources
Growth & Development Resources
Youth Employment & Access to Opportunities (ages 18-35)

SA Youth

Register for free on SA Youth and have access to employment opportunities, as well as further learning and education. You are strongly advised to create a CV online, so that your profile can be searched by potential employers. is part of the "Presidential Youth Employment Intervention" and is supported by Harambee Youth Employment Accelerator, the Department of Employment and Labour, the Department of Higher Education and Training, the National Youth Development Agency, and the Development Bank of South Africa.

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Learning Through PLAY

Quality early childhood development is one of the most powerful ways to reduce crime and violence. As a result, NICRO encourages all caregivers, parents and people who work with children to learn more about how to support learning through play.

PLAY is a FREE training course that teaches educators, parents and caregivers about how to use play to teach their child. PLAY is a partnership between the Department of Basic Education, UNICEF, Cotlands and the LEGO Foundation.

Educators can earn 15 CPD credits as set out by the South African Council for Educators in terms of section 5(b) of the South African Council for Educators Act 31 of 2000.

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The Start Up Tribe 


Start Up Tribe 

The Start Up Tribe provides a range of free and paid online courses designed to help South Africans start and run their own small business.

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Online Self-Help Resource for Career Guidance

The National Career Advice Portal

The National Career Advice Portal is an online self-help tool designed to facilitate informed career and study decisions. NCAP is brought to you by the Career Development Services, an initiative of the Department of Higher Education and Training. The site provides detailed information on career choice, subject choice and job fit. 

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Child Online Protection & Gaming for Parents Education Programme


A free online educational programme for parents and guardians, explaining the esports and gaming sector, the types of risk children face online, and a review of practical strategies parents and guardians can take to keep their children safe online. This programme was developed as part of a collaborative partnership with the Africa Esport Association of South Africa (AESA) , and the Centre for Justice and Crime Prevention (CJCP).  You will need to create a free account on the platform.

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Online Education & Skills Development

Google Digital Skills Academy

Create a free Google account and access a range of online video-based courses that result in a Google certificate. These courses are free.  Topics range from workplace skills, computer software skills and personal growth.

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Vodacom e-School

Create a free account and access educational content to support Grade R to 12 learning.

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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Access free course content from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. No account creation required. The courses provide detailed university-level learning opportunities. The site does not offer certifications. The site is very useful if you want to access free, high-quality learning materials on university subjects, to either explore possible formal study options, or to grow and develop yourself personally.

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Future Learn offers a series of 8 free digital skills development courses developed by Accenture. They also host other paid courses leading to certification. 

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IBM Training

Create a free IBM user account and access free courses on topics ranging from introduction to data security, coding and data analytics. These free courses result in IBM-accredited certificates.  The site also includes paid courses that result in internationally-recognised credentials. 

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Academic Earth

Create a free account and view university-level content on a variety of subjects from business, education, marketing and psychology.  This site does not offer certificates. The emphasis is on stimulating interest and giving people an opportunity to explore subjects so that they can decide what to study at a formal institution. 

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Open University

The Open University has an extensive range of free university-level courses on science, maths, arts and humanities.  You can earn certificates of participation by completion the course requirements. You are required to open an account.  

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Khan Academy

Create a free account and access a large selection of free high school and university courses.  These courses are designed to develop your academic skills and strengthen your grasp of academic content, rather than earn certificates. Some of the content is geared towards the USA. 

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Lifehack focuses on personal growth and development. They offer free lifeskills courses, as well as other paid courses.

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GCF LearnFree

GCF LearnFree offers a detailed range of free certificated courses.  You must create an account be logged in to have your progress tracked in order to earn a certificate. Topics include computer literacy, financial literacy, career management, basic programming and design.

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anger management

This programme addresses the social functioning skills deficit associated with anger and anger-related behaviours and empowers participants to improve their anger management skills while simultaneously acquiring the core social and cognitive skills needed to function effectively in society.

The programme is suited to low to medium risk adolescents aged 14 to 18 and adults.

The programme comprises ten psycho-social life skills building group sessions of approximately two hours each. It incorporates elements of social and personal skills training and cognitive behavioural therapy. Three sessions are specifically devoted to understanding anger and developing practical strategies to manage anger effectively.

The Anger Management Programme...

  • Improves interpersonal and social functioning skills, with a specific emphasis on anger management and self-control.
  • Reduces the likelihood that individuals will resort to anger and aggression to solve problems or as a way of dealing with anxiety and frustration.