4 August 2022

NICRO has released an app designed to provide free access to educational content to increase access to its crime and violence prevention work. The app is powered by YoMobi, a collaboration between Capacitate Social Solutions, PwC and UNICEF. YoMobi allows non-profit organisations to create a free online profile, where they can host curated content related to their services. YoMobi also hosts a geo-mapping search engine that allows users to search for their nearest service providers, based on their location.


Although YoMobi was designed to target youth users, anyone can register and use YoMobi. After downloading the app for free from Google Play, users complete a basic needs assessment. In the near future, this basic needs assessment will allow YoMobi to match users with relevant service providers.

NICRO’s YoMobi content focuses on the following:
1. Lifeskills and personal growth
2. Design thinking to support income generation
3. Positive parenting skills
4. Substance abuse

NICRO’s goal in making its content available online for free is to enhance people’s access to content that can help them grow and develop skills that move them away from crime and violence. NICRO already has an online learning management system (nicro.myjoomlalms.com) where court-referred people can take their programmes online. Criminal justice professionals can also access CPD accredited programmes there. However, this access is restricted to formally-referred clients or paying professionals seeking formal credits. YoMobi allows NICRO to host simplified versions of its content on a public platform for free to anyone.

More content will be added over the next few months.

To download the app, search for YoMobi (Capacitate) in the Google Play store. An iTunes version may be created later on. 

How to Use the NICRO App

  1. Download the app from Google Play
  2. Create an account with your cell number and a password
  3. You will also need to enter your email address
  4. Complete the basic needs assessment. This tells the platform what help you may need. This data is used to inform the developers of the user needs.
  5. Search for NICRO under the Organisations search field
  6. Click on NICRO’s block
  7. Enter this code: 89321
  8. You can now access all of NICRO’s content for free.