Please note that all NICRO offices will be closed from the 16th Dec to the 3rd Jan 2023.  If you need help during this period, please contact:

Free telephonic counselling: 0861-322-322 ♦ Gender-based Violence: 0800-150-150 ♦ Cipla 24hr Mental Health Helpline: 0800 456 789 ♦ Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567

Training & Capacity Development
Training & Capacity Development


NICRO has extensive experience in training and skills development in the crime and violence prevention sector. NICRO offers online learning opportunities to professionals, community structures and individuals.   

Below is the range of online skills development programmes we host on NICRO Online, NICRO's online learning management system.  

Please contact us should you wish to discuss community capacity development training needs.