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Press Releases

6 April 2022

"We need to establish crime prevention partnerships that will prevent occurrences like this in the first place", says Betzi Pierce - CEO of NICRO. NICRO welcomes the swift action that was taken in the apprehension of the suspect following a smash and grab incident that took place on Jakes Gerwel Drive recently.  

View video on IOL (warning: the CCTV footage may be disturbing to some viewers, as it shows acts of violence and injuries sustained).

The alarming incident is a sore reminder of the need for greater crime prevention initiatives that will stop these and other violent incidents from happening in the first place.  

NICRO has proven crime prevention initiatives that reduce the prevalence and impact of crime. We invite government to call on us and become our partner in expanding these initiatives.  Our community crime and violence prevention (CCVP) aims to prevent the occurrence of crime through community engagement and by raising awareness about the risk factors that lead to crime.  Without identifying and addressing these risk factors, we won't turn the corner on crime. The negative influences that can cause people to get involved in crime include broken families, family violence, parental neglect, drug, and alcohol abuse, GBV, high unemployment, and poverty. 

Our interventions are aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of no poverty, gender equality, and safe, inclusive, and sustainable communities, and are implemented to create communities that are resilient.  

Additional information:

We help communities become engaged in actively addressing socio-economic challenges to reduce crime and violence. NICRO actively targets marginalized individuals like children, youth, women, former offenders and their families, schools, and community structures. We offer awareness campaigns, capacity-building initiatives in communities, and direct service delivery.