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Refer someone to NICRO 


If you wish to refer someone to NICRO, you must contact your nearest NICRO office. An Intake Worker will assist you with the process.

This applies to the following referral types:

1.      From court

2.      From schools

3.      From businesses

4.      Self-referrals

nicro statistics 2022

Expunge A Criminal Record


If you wish to expunge or clear your criminal records, you must complete the required application form and submit it. Please note this is not a NICRO process, but a Department of Justice process.

Visit their website to obtain the application form in PDF and to learn more about what the process requires.

Please note that only certain people can expunge their criminal records.

Visit the Department of Justice Website


nicro statistics 2022

Obtain Records from NICRO


If you need a copy of your case records from NICRO, please contact he office that dealt with your case and provide them with an email address where they can send the copies.  You will need to provide proof of your identity when making the request. You will also need to provide other information such as the year your case was processed, your ID number and other relevant details.