NICRO provides the following interventions and programmes within the two different service streams. Many of these programmes are available on NICRO Online

Accessing Programmes

Please note that all criminal justice clients (diversion, prison and NCS) must come via the court system and be referred to NICRO via the court. All criminal justice clients must have approval from the court prosecutor in order for the diversion or NCS to be valid. NICRO cannot accept self-referring clients for diversion or NCS purposes. 

People outside the criminal justice system may self-enroll or request to be enrolled via a NICRO office. Should you wish to privately enroll in a NICRO Online programme, you can pay online with a credit card. 

Using NICRO Programmes

Should another service provider wish to implement NICRO programmes, please contact the Area Manager of your province to discuss.  NICRO does sign MOUs with selected service providers that are permitted to implement NICRO programmes without charge, under certain conditions.

These conditions typically include being a registered non-profit, using the programmes for non-commercial purposes, respecting copyright, branding constraints and mandatory reporting of statistics on numbers of people reached.

The NICRO Programmes