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Press Releases

21 July 2022

NICRO welcomes the sentence handed down to the Sobantu killer in the Pietermaritzberg High Court. "By handing down such a stern sentence, in a swift and effective manner, the judiciary is showing its intolerance towards heinous acts of this nature", said Betzi Pierce, CEO of NICRO.

The prevalence of violent offenses in South Africa points to a need for urgent intervention, South Africans are growing weary at the ongoing violence, especially against women and children, that is plaguing our society. "Community crime and violence prevention can play a key role in reducing the rate of crime and violence in our communities", she added.

It is equally important to keep in mind that the offender in question is likely to serve the sentences concurrently and will at some point be released back into society.

"We need to mindful of what state he will be in upon release", she said. Adding that "the majority of offenders need treatment to help them veer away from the likelihood of reoffending upon release".

NICRO holds the position that people, as well as communities, need to be strengthened against the risk factors that cause crime and violence. This can be achieved by implementing crime prevention and offender reintegration programmes more broadly.


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