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Press Releases

10 September 2021

Release: Immediate 

NICRO commemorates a 111 year-long legacy in South Africa this week. As part of our 111th birthday celebration, our teams across South Africa took to their communities and spent 111 minutes in service of others in need (images attached).

“This is our way of celebrating and remembering our long history and unparalleled contributions to human rights, juvenile justice, criminal justice reform, and social crime prevention,” said Betzi Pierce, CEO of NICRO.  

“In the years to come, we will continue to dedicate ourselves to equipping those we serve to embrace positive, healthy, and sustainable lifestyles as an alternative to anti-social, risky behaviour, crime, and violence.  

“Over the years we have conducted research, taken heed of best practice, learned many lessons, and finetuned our approach and interventions to fight crime in the best way possible”, she added.  

NICRO calls upon every South African community to stand alongside us and help lead the way to ending crime by:   

  • Ensuring the protection of all children and vulnerable individuals
  • Promoting and supporting healthy, functional family structures
  • Becoming involved and encouraging every friend and neighbour to watch out for other community members, help keep them safe, preventing crime and violence where possible, detecting and reporting all forms of crime and violence
  • Keeping our schools safe where our children can grow, learn and flourish in safety, and  
  • Standing together to take back our streets, our parks and our public spaces so that our children, young girls and women can enjoy a safe, protected environment.  

We thank our communities for their steadfast belief in us. NICRO cannot change the face of crime alone but united we can only succeed.

Atlantis NICRO Birthday service

ABOVE: Atlantis office donating to a local care home

Beach Clean Up at Lagoon Beach in Cape Town

ABOVE: Cape Town office doing a beach clean-up

Bushbuckridge hosted 22 stakeholders informing of new services

ABOVE: Bushbuckridge hosted 22 stakeholders informing of new NICRO services.

East London NICRO 111 Birthday

ABOVE: East London Staff

Germiston office awareness at Dinwiddie Seconday School 138 Beneficiaries reached

ABOVE: Germiston office crime prevention awareness talk at Dinwiddie Secondary School - 138 Beneficiaries reached

Limpopo NICRO team

ABOVE: Limpopo Office staff

Mpumalanga NICRO 111 birthday

ABOVE: Nelspruit staff celebrations

NICRO Elukwatini team celebration

ABOVE: Elukwatini staff celebrations