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Press Releases

22 November 2021

"The situation is critical; we simply cannot let things go on as is." - Betzi Pierce  

NICRO can help government make a meaningful impact in the reduction of crime rates and will write to the National Minister of Police requesting an opportunity to engage on how our interventions can make a change for the better.  9 556 rapes happened between July and September this year, up from 8 922, while 6 163 murders took place, an increase of 1 056 from last year. Among the victims of murder were 897 women and 287 children, with the murder of children up by a shocking 31.7%. This is according to news reports on the statistics that were released today.  

"The situation is critical, we simply cannot let things go on as is, said Betzi Pierce, CEO of NICRO. "Organisations like NICRO are ready and willing to extend the reach of government in the fight against crime but we call on government to support our capacity to do so", she added. 

NICRO's work addresses the root causes of crime at a community and societal level to prevent the occurrence of crime and violence. Our interventions facilitate a behaviour change among at-risk individuals and individuals who are in conflict with the law. We also offer treatment, mitigate harm and assist with the reintegration of ex-offenders, to counteract and eliminate issues resulting from the offence.  

"The rate of repeat offences is at around 90% in South Africa. If we don't help offenders change, we will not be able to stop crime," Betzi added.  

NICRO and organisations like it can make a difference in the fight against crime. We are ready to assist government as the lives of ordinary South Africans depend on it.  



Betzi Pierce    
Chief Executive Officer at NICRO    
084 810 5154