Press Releases
Press Releases

25 November 2021

Today, NICRO will kick off a nationwide action campaign of GBV awareness and intervention, to mark the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence (GBV). We will host events and programs as outlined below, to educate our communities about GBV, and the lasting wounds that it leaves. Our goal is to lower the level of tolerance of GBV at community level, as well as to break the cycle of violence. 

"Working with perpetrators is key to preventing GBV, says Betzi Pierce, NICRO CEO. "The solution to intimate partner violence is in working with perpetrators to change the root of their behaviour, through intensive therapeutic intervention. This is the only way to break the cycle of violence," she elaborated. 

Although NICRO works with offenders,  we cannot neglect the victims. Victims of GBV are left with scars and need healing. Yet, we often find that we repeat-victimise* them either intentionally, through victim shaming, or unintentionally, through the lack of sensitivity training on the part of the SAPS in dealing with their cases. These factors may deter victims from reporting incidents of GBV. It may also mean that the statistics on GBV don't reflect the true extent of the scourge, due to the low levels of reporting. Lack of reporting means lack of intervention. Ultimately, the ones perpetrating the violence don't get the help they need to stop. Over the last year, just 10.2% of our clients went through our 'perpetrators of intimate violence' programme, which may be pointing to the low reporting rates of GBV and domestic violence. If we want to stop GBV, the solution lies in changing behaviour on the part of offenders and diminishing tolerance for abuse in our communities. Only by doing this can we take meaningful steps towards ending GBV and creating a safe South Africa.

Here is a list of just some of the events to be hosted:

  1. 26/11/2021 - Community engagement with 200 community members in Golden Gardens (Sebokeng) on NICRO services, domestic violence , and Covid-19 protocol [Vaal]
  2. 29 & 30/11/2021 GBV Workshop with Parolees in Goodwood, Bellville, Bishop Lavis, as well as Kraaifontein, Durbanville, and Delft respectively
  3. 04/12/ 2021- Community engagement with 300 community members in Mooiplaas, along with Khuluma, Ditshego-House of Laughter, SAPS and NICRO, focusing on parenting adolescents with behavioural challenges [Khumula]
  4. 10/12/2021- Community engagement with 200 community members in Bophelong on the services that NICRO offers, domestic violence, and Covid-19 protocol [Vaal]
  5. 09/12/21 Raising awareness on GBV at Bishop Lavis Day Hospital 
  6. 10/12/21 Awareness event: Youth Dialogue Centre of Excellence on the dangers of ‘date-rape’


Betzi Pierce: Chief Executive Officer at NICRO -  084 810 5154