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4 August 2021

As we enter Women’s Month 2021, it is hard to deny that the scourge of gender-based violence (GBV) seems to have worsened since 2020. The occurrence of GBV was intensified by lockdowns, which has left victims with little refuge as they are confined to the same living space as the offender.   

That, along with the harsher economic climate, which is owed to the pandemic, has compounded the problem. In doing our part in the effort against GBV, we provide interventionist mechanisms in which we work with offenders, victims, and their families to heal from and prevent further incidents of GBV.   

We also provide outreach services, where we work with broader communities to raise awareness while undoing the acceptability of GBV. Our view is that the less accepting our broader social structures are of GBV, the less likely we are to see it occur.  

We are here to make a difference and we welcome anyone who wants to support us in making South Africa safe. For the last 111 years, NICRO has been working at the forefront of crime prevention in South Africa. Our goal is to bring about a crime-free society.  

By Betzi Pierce, CEO of NICRO